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Welcome to our FAQ page for car detailing at 40 Aesthetics! We understand that when it comes to taking care of your vehicle, you may have some questions. Below, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions to help you better understand the ins and outs of car detailing. From what exactly car detailing entails to how often you should get your car detailed, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the FAQ below to find the answers you’re looking for. If you can’t find what you need, feel free to reach out to our team for personalised assistance.


The duration of the mobile detailing service depends on the size and condition of your vehicle, as well as the package you choose. On average, our services take approximately 2 to 12 hours to complete. However, we strive to work efficiently without compromising on quality.

It depends. this is a common FAQ,Some stains in the carpet caused from fruit juice, soda, or coffee can set over time or if treated with the wrong type of product. While we have removed these types of stains in many cases, they can be quite challenging in others since carpeting can become abraded over time. This is common in the driver’s area of the car due to constant wear and tear and cannot be cleaned. The only way to bring the carpet back is to replace it or repair it. However, a great alternative to these options is simply dyeing the carpet.

Detailing has proven to be effective in getting you a better resale/trade-in price. So, if you are planning on selling/trading your car, make sure to have it detailed within a week of selling/trading it. It is usually when selling a vehicle that most people consider auto detailing. But, by that time (an average of 5 years) the vehicle has too much wear and tear to restore its condition. That’s why we urge our customers to think of auto detailing as a maintenance program just like changing the fluids, getting a tune-up or rotating the tires. Most people don’t realize that in most cases, it is less expensive to replace the engine than to replace a factory paint job. We recommend a car detailing service at least 2 to 5 times a year depending on your driving and car washing habits and how you store your vehicle.


These are just some of the determining factors that we consider in recommending what maintenance schedule and detailing service is best for you.

  • Is it parked inside or outside most of the time?

  • Do you wash it every other day or maybe only once a month?

  • How do you wash it? Do you spend so much time in your vehicle that you feel like it’s your home?

Yes, here at 40aesthetics we can remove certain scratches from the exterior clear coat of a car. The rule of thumb is that the scratch has to be on the surface of the clear coat paint. If you can feel it with your finger nail the scratch is too deep to be removed. However, if you can’t feel the scratch with your fingernail there is a great possibility the scratch can be removed. If your car has swirls or a dull look to it, we can restore that new shiny look to your car.

Yes, we offer corporate discounts for fleets, dealerships & offices. We also offer neighborhood discounts when you & at least one neighbor schedule car detailing or other services on the same day. As long as we can service two or more vehicles in the same area we can offer a discount. Please contact us for more info.

Mobile detailing is a professional car cleaning service that brings the detailing right to your doorstep. Unlike traditional detailing, which requires you to take your vehicle to a fixed location, mobile detailing offers convenience and flexibility as the service is performed at your desired location, such as your home, office, or parking lot.


The protection of your vehicle is our top priority. Our detailing technicians use soft microfiber towels, high-quality protective agents, and gentle cleaning tools to prevent any potential damage during the detailing process. We treat your car as if it were our own.

One of the most common FAQ we find is this, We understand that it can be frustrating when searching for car detailing services in your area. Several factors could be contributing to this difficulty. Firstly, the availability of car detailing businesses can vary based on the location. In rural or less populated regions, there might be fewer service providers, making it challenging to find one nearby. Additionally, smaller detailing businesses might not have a strong online presence or a dedicated website, making them less visible in search engine results. This can hinder your ability to discover them during online searches. Furthermore, inconsistent keyword usage among different car detailing companies can lead to discrepancies in search results. Some may use terms like "mobile detailing," while others might use "auto detailing" or "car cleaning," causing confusion in your searches. But look no further as you have found your guys! 40 Aesthetics detailing service will take care of all of your need!

We accept Cash and Credit! Payments are received after job completion!

Yes, after your first auto detailing, we would be glad to design an auto detailing maintenance plan specifically for your vehicle.

Yes! We are fully insured by BizCover with a public liability of $5,000,000.

Our mobile detailing packages are designed to provide comprehensive care for your vehicle. They typically include exterior washing, waxing, tire and rim cleaning, interior vacuuming, steam cleaning, upholstery treatment, window cleaning, and more. We offer various packages to suit different needs and budgets.

Absolutely! this is a great common FAQ, Our team of trained professionals uses the latest techniques and high-quality products to ensure that your vehicle's paint is well-protected during the detailing process. We take utmost care to prevent any scratches or damage to the paintwork.

Booking a mobile detailing service is simple. You can visit our website and use our online booking system to select the package and preferred date/time. Alternatively, you can contact our customer support team, and they will be happy to assist you with the booking process.

We provide mobile detailing services in Gold Coast, Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Our team is equipped to reach various locations within the region, ensuring you can enjoy our convenient services wherever you are.

Absolutely! Our mobile detailing services cater to all types of vehicles, from everyday cars to luxury and vintage automobiles. Our detailing professionals are trained to handle various makes and models, ensuring your prized possession receives the utmost care and attention.

Yes, we offer a range of additional services to enhance your mobile detailing experience. These services may include paint correction, ceramic coatings, headlight restoration, engine bay cleaning, and more. You can inquire about these services when booking your appointment.

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