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Headlight Restoration

headlight Cleaning & Restoration

Where we bring clarity and safety back to your vehicle’s front-end aesthetics with headlight restoration. Over time, headlights can become dull, yellowed, or foggy due to UV exposure and environmental elements, reducing visibility and compromising your driving safety. But fear not, our expert team at 40 Aesthetics is here to rejuvenate your headlights and ensure they shine brightly once again!

Our professional headlight restoration service is a cost-effective alternative to replacing your headlights entirely. Using cutting-edge techniques and top-quality materials, we skillfully remove the haze, discoloration, and imperfections that have accumulated over time. The result? Crystal-clear headlights that not only enhance the overall appearance of your car but also significantly improve nighttime visibility, ensuring a safer driving experience for you and your passengers.

headlight restoration

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Are cloudy, yellowed or dim headlights causing you to lose clarity on the road?  Our skilled technicians utilise advanced techniques and top-quality products to effectively remove oxidation and restore your headlights to their original brilliance. Not only will this improve your visibility and safety on the road, but it will also enhance the overall aesthetics of your vehicle. Don’t let dull headlights dim your driving experience any longer. Book your headlight restoration with 40aesthetics today and let us bring back the sparkle to your car’s lights! 

Improved Visibility and Safety

Trusted car detailers pride themselves on efficient and comprehensive maintenance washes. Their expertise ensures that the process is done correctly, using high-quality products that are gentle on the vehicle’s surfaces. Regular maintenance washes also allow detailing experts to spot minor issues or imperfections early on, providing advice on preventive measures to avoid more extensive and expensive repairs in the future.

Enhanced Appearance and Value

Over time, headlights can become foggy or yellowed due to oxidation, reducing their effectiveness in illuminating the road ahead. Headlight restoration removes this oxidation and restores clarity to the headlights, improving visibility and ensuring safer driving conditions at night or in low-light situations


Instead of replacing the entire headlight assembly, which can be expensive, opting for headlight restoration is a more cost-effective solution. Restoration packages offer a more affordable alternative, allowing you to restore the performance and aesthetics of your headlights without breaking the bank