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Paint Correction Packages

Introducing our exclusive 40 Aesthetics paint correction packages! Designed to bring out the true beauty of your vehicle’s paint, these packages offer a comprehensive solution to all your paint correction needs. Our skilled technicians will meticulously work through a multi-stage process, removing imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, and paint defects. With our state-of-the-art equipment and premium products, we ensure that every detail is perfected to give your car a flawless, showroom-worthy finish.

From restoring the glossy shine to eliminating stubborn blemishes, our 40 Aesthetics correction packages are tailored to provide exceptional results that will leave your vehicle looking better than ever before. Trust in our expertise and let us transform your car into a work of art.

2014 HSV GTS car detailing and paint correction


$ 399 99
Single stage paint correction eliminates light marring and swirl marks.
Achieve a glossy finish with our professional correction service.
Restore the pristine look of your paintwork with our expert techniques.

Cut & Polish

$ 599 99
Second stage correction effectively eliminates moderate swirl marks and light scratches.
Our expert technicians follow up with a finishing polish for a flawless finish.
Restore the beauty of your vehicle's paintwork with our two-stage correction process.

Stage 3

$ 999 99
Our third stage paint colour correction tackles heavy swirl marks, scratches, and other paint defects.
Our skilled technicians employ advanced techniques to restore your vehicle's paint to its original glory.
A finishing polish is applied to ensure a flawless, showroom-worthy finish after the correction process.

Pricing Guide

Price listed above is for a Coupe / Hatchback

Large Vehicle
(Suv - 4X4)

+ $100

Paint & colour correction eliminates imperfections such as light scratches, swirl marks, and fading, giving your vehicle a revived appearance that resembles its showroom shine. By restoring the paint’s gloss and shine, it enhances the overall look of your car and makes it look brand new

Enhanced Appearance

Protection from Further Damage

Paint colour correction not only improves the aesthetics of your vehicle but also protects the paint from future damage. The process involves using chemicals and special equipment to clean and protect the paintwork on your car, creating a barrier against environmental factors like UV rays, dirt, and pollutants

Investing in a package like this can significantly increase the resale value of your car. A well-maintained and visually appealing exterior is a major selling point for potential buyers. By removing unsightly marks or abrasions, paint adjustment helps restore the condition of your vehicle’s paint, making it more desirable and commanding a higher price in the market

Increased Resale Value